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In which cases will the computer be out of warranty?

Computer, in particular; Electronic devices such as phones, tablets, notebooks are “out of warranty" in some cases even though the warranty period has not expired. If the authorized technical services indicate that the problems occurring in the device are caused by “user error", the devices should be repaired by paying a fee.

When Electronic Devices Have No Warranty Coverage

While computers, notebooks and laptops or tablets are marked as user errors and out of warranty, they can vary by brand, but are usually as follows:

  1. Using the device contrary to what is stated in the user manual,
  2. To determine whether the device has been opened or repaired before the authorized service,
  3. Devices get damaged as a result of impact,
  4. Pouring liquid or nutrients on the device,
  5. Malfunctions caused by various software or viruses,
  6. Device malfunction due to incorrect handling, improper and insufficient maintenance, misuse or voltage changes

In addition to these items, some brands may report malfunctions caused by different issues as “user error". Device repair can be made for a fee by authorized technical service or special technical services to repair malfunctions caused by user error.

Cihazların Garanti Kapsamı Dışı Bırakılması

How to Repair Warranty Coverage Malfunctions?

Support can be obtained from authorized services for repair of warranty coverage faults. However, repairs made by authorized services can generally cost as much as the device’s zero fee.

For example, for a malfunction that occurs on the screen of a laptop you buy for 3 thousand lira, the authorized service can make an average cost of 1500-2000 lira. However, in repairs made by the authorized service, the repaired device part is covered by the warranty. In this case, when a malfunction occurs on the screen of the device based on the sample we have just given, the authorized service repairs free of charge for 2 years. However, if this malfunction is marked as “user error", it will be out of warranty again and must be charged again for repair of the device.

Many users find it more reasonable to get a replacement device than to have authorized service repairs done. However, the most reasonable alternative to repairs is usually repairs by special technical services.

Special technical services make transactions for repairs and repairs, depending on the demands and needs of the user, and the fees for operations such as service and spare parts replacement are much more economical than authorized services. However, special technical services also provide a certain period of warranty for the devices for which they perform repair and maintenance applications and perform free repairs in case the device is broken again.

You can benefit from both economic prices and warranty service by contacting us for malfunctions that occur in your devices such as computers, laptops, notebooks or tablets that are not covered by the warranty.

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